Stay Winning – A Little Piece To Encourage You


I usually don’t like to talk about myself on social media platforms or the blog. This is a little piece about where I am coming from. I was watching MTN Project Fame West Africa Lagos auditions on Youtube on July 23rd, 2015 and then I remembered when I auditioned for the competition in 2010.

Read below;

I can sing maybe singing in the bathroom but when I open my mouth to sing and people hear me, they say oh, you can sing. In 2010, I auditioned for MTN Project Fame West Africa, that was taking a step further in my ‘ singing’ career. I didn’t really go far in the audition and I got a NO. The song I sang at the audition was ‘Amazing Grace’. It was the same year @chidinmaekile won the competition. I also auditioned to be @lamiphillips back up singer , I think it took place at Dowen College ( 2009/2010) .

Three years ( 2013) down the line, I was invited to take a session on Social media with the contestants and to teach them how to use Social media to promote their music. That was the year Ayoola won. Read about it HERE.

Job 8 vs 7 has been the watch word. People see me today and they don’t know my story.

In conclusion, hold on to what you believe and be the best you can be in any field / industry. It might not be singing that will take you to your place of fulfilment , it might be that thing you never thought will take you higher.


Please stay on your grind always and be true to your hustle.

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