The fast growing eponymous brand, Kene Rapu launched its first line, ‘Slippers by Kene’, in 2011. It was launched as an initiative to promote the development of the local (Nigerian) industry, by using locally sourced materials and workmanship, to provide bespoke handcrafted slippers and sandals. Kene Rapu is now excited to introduce it’s Resort 2015 collection, in collaboration with upcoming artist Yasser. The new luxury line features 100% leather male slippers, designed specially ‘for Him’. All products are Made in Nigeria.

Made in Nigeria

All Kene Rapu footwear is produced in Nigeria, for the global community. Each slipper is carefully handcrafted by a local craftsman in Nigeria, using materials sourced from the local markets. Culture. There has been a resurgence in the love for afro-centric clothing and accessories. As Kene Rapu continually aims to promote the African heritage, the brand is always excited to partner with other emerging African brands with global appeal.

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Yasser is a talented up and coming artist based in Nigeria. He describes himself as “one that always believes in developing and empowering people beyond their natural capabilities”. Of the recent collaboration, he says:

“I have admired the Kene Rapu brand for championing such an initiative: promoting the local industry. I have always followed the brand from its early days, and watched it grow. After I saw the initial mens line, I saw an opportunity to create something high end, cool and contemporary, that would resonate with men of different generations. With the new line, I wanted to create a luxe selection of slippers that are cool, stylish, cozy and smart casual at the same time.” – Yasser Claud- Ennin, 2015

Kene Rapu Enterprise

Kene Rapu Enterprise is positioned to be an integral part of the value chain in the Nigerian fashion industry. The company was founded in October 2011 by Kene Rapu. Kene is a fully qualified lawyer, who also holds a Masters Degree in Fashion Entrepreneurship, from the London College of Fashion, UK. She has always had a fervent passion for fashion and the growth of the Nigerian fashion industry. Her love for fashion, eye for detail and creative nature inspired her to start the company.

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