Inagbe Grand Resorts And Leisure Is Nigeria’s Best Secret

Sometime in August 2013, we visited this desolate Island in preparation for development, it took over an hour to get a bottle of soft drink from a neighbouring community for the project manager who broke down as a result of low blood sugar. Yes – not a very pleasant experience.

In September 2013, we marched into this jungle with a squad of over 3000 skilled and unskilled labour, who worked tirelessly to open up this city in 360 days. The uninhabited Island featured strange and unfriendly animals, very tick forest and no activity whatsoever. This has surely been one of the most challenging projects of the Group.


In December 2013, we launched the 1st 90 days of construction, to open up some facilities, showcase our heritage and rich natural resources, used in developing this masterpiece. We are most proud to say that Gran Imperio redefines construction of this 400 hectare city with almost 100% local materials. About 25% of this land mass has been completed and is fully operational.


Indeed, Inagbe is now a city that consumes over 1000 bottles of soft drinks per week, a beehive of activities and a first of its kind R & R destination in West Africa, providing conference facilities, floating events lounge and restaurant, private beach area, sports village, horse ranch, golf course and other recreational facilities, to make it a defining feature of Lagos and Nigeria as a whole.

We call it the Power of Imagination! We call it Nation Building!


Explore this lush Island haven with the all new ‘Explore Card’, a discount loyalty card that offers great discounts and privileges for all facilities at the resort.

Wouldn’t you rather experience it?

Visit  today, www.inagbegrandresorts.com


…the Gran Imperio Group team

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