PDP Decries APC’s Treatment Of Party Members

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Spokesman has alleged that the APC leadership is using its position as the party in power to treat PDP members as criminals.

The PDP Spokesman, Olisa Metuh most likely made this comments in relation to the probe of some PDP ex-governors as well as plans to prosecute some more public officials.

In Olisa Metuh’s words; “We are being treated as if we are criminals of war. We are being treated as if we are refugees. We are not afraid, we have faith in our strength, unity, faith in the peace unity and progress of Nigeria,”

Olisa Metuh alleged that although he believes PDP members are being witch hunted, the Party is not averse to investigations of its members as long as due process is followed.

“If the ruling party believes that there is anyone who has served in the Federal Government and is guilty of corruption practices, they are free within the law to investigate as long as they go through due process and observe the rule of law

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