Telemundo’s “Husband for Hire”, One to Watch

Yesterday, 20 July, a new telenovela “Husband for Hire” premiered on Telemundo, GOtv channel 14.

Husband for Hire follows the story of Griselda Carrasco, who is a strong and determined woman working as a handyman to support her family. In the course of her work she meets Reinaldo Ibarra a chef who is later to become her true love. But this love story is not all roses!

In the premiere episode on Monday 20 July, Griselda is sgoing about her daily jobs when she meets Reinaldo. She is later called out at the Palmer Mansion, where she meets Teresa Cristina.


From the first episode, the new soapie seems like one to watch as it stars the versatile Maritza Rodríguez. Maritza Rodriguez displayed her acting prowess in the telenovela, “Behind Closed Doors” in which she played a dual-role as the “timid Pilar Arismendi” as well as her twin sister, “Raquel Arismendi” with a dark side. Maritza also put up a superb performance in “Cruel Love”.

Marido en Alquiler- Season 1

Husband for Hire also stars Sonya Smith, aka “Angela Amenabar” in “Aurora” and also played a lead role in “Where is Elisa”. Sonya Smith’s roles haven’t been very exciting from what we have seen so far; she has neither been fierce nor malicious. We will keep our eyes peeled to see if she will finally strike a chord in Husband for Hire.


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