Corrupt Party Members Will Be Probed – Buhari

Nigeria’s President is on a four day visit to the United States to discuss two matters which are crucial to Nigeria’s future. Fighting the twin scourges of terrorism in Northern Nigeria as well as the endemic corruption which has for years prevented Nigeria from reaching its potential as the giant of Africa.

One of his first acts as President was travelling to neighbouring African countries to engender a regional approach to fighting terrorism. Cameroon, Niger and Chad have committed themselves to a regional joint task force to combat Boko Haram militants.

The President claims that the terrorist group is weakening as evidenced by their recent hit and run style attacks. Nevertheless, since May 29, over 600 lives have been lost to Boko Haram.

In his interview with Christina Amanpour today, President Buhari reiterated his desire to fight corruption and when asked if he would probe members of his party if they were proven to be corrupt, he responded “no one will be above justice”.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has received a lease of life in recent times and are preparing to probe former cabinet members of the Jonathan administration.

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