Boxing Day: The Movie And Behind The Scenes Photos

Money is not necessarily the key to happiness. It can easily be considered man’s worst downfall. Michael Adeyemi was destined to be a billionaire by the age of 35, and with money comes access to the fine things of life. In this blockbuster featuring Hollywood’s and Nollywood’s finest find out how Michael’s desperate quest for fortune and success would cost him the number one thing money cannot buy –  Family. Blinded by selfish ambitions, pride and appetite for greed leads him down a path of self-destruction, blinding him to the only thing that is worth saving. It all comes crashing down on “Boxing Day” where Michael is swept under a sea of adversities caused by none other than himself. Watch this downpour of self inflicted wave of adversities with rippling effects that triggers thought provoking questions, of love, pain, pride and ultimate redemption – what if you never get that second chance?

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Boxing Day is a Gifted Gift Studios. Entertainment (GGS.E) and Prime international Production (PIP) production, a film By Gift Joseph, directed by Robert Peters, DOP Robert Peters starring

Raz Adoti as Michael Adeyemi

Yvonne Okoro as Angela Adeyemi

Tangi Miller as Sophia Etim

Richard Mofe-Damijo (RMD) as Doctor Mathews

Joseph Benjamin as Charles

Ikenna Obi as Pastor                           Timon Durret as Richie

Winstina Taylor as Christine

Carl Payne as Daymond Brown

Fatima Mamanie as Maureen

Divine Page as Sylvia

Gift Joseph as Nelson


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