The Conquest Awards for Excellence 2015

This great Nation called Nigeria is enormously blessed with talented Individuals, both old and young age, across the country. Should we say, It has been or always been the same faces are being celebrated or recognized mostly among those people we adore as Captains of Industry, Politicians, Youth Ambassadors, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Civil Servants and Society Generally. The genuine aim of CONQUEST AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE is to uncover and recognize Nigeria’s new faces that have performed extremely well in line of their profession. There’s no doubt that, the Impressive Commitment and heroic roles of several unknown and uncelebrated personalities are to the advancement of their community, state and of modern day Nigeria, economically; it can never be under–estimated.

This great nation, Nigeria is fabulously an evolving atmosphere having been named the fastest-growing economy in Africa, the land of plenty, milk and honey blessed with appreciable wealth of resourceful human managers, world class economists and boardroom colosssals and tycoons.

The Conquest Awards for Excellence is a testament and celebration of Nigerians who have conquered obstacles in their different areas of concentration by mental and moral power.The project is aimed at rewarding prestigious conquered personalities, groups, corporate bodies, entrepreneurial spirits and loyal politicians.


Concept Owners

The team at Capaz Communications Limited is made up of tested and trusted professionals of sterling qualities, drawn from diverse fields including Public Relations, Media and event management.


The outfit prides itself as an A-list PR and events Company of choice, with credits in Publishing, Publicity, Photography, Events and Privacy Management, Branding to mention but a few.


It is remarkebaly a gathering of thorough-bred perception managers of international repute who can X–ray the positive values of outstanding achievers in the society, with the aim of presenting them as models of encouragement legends yet unborn.


Who are the Conquests?

Conquest, by reasoning, is the act of subjugation and assumption of control of a place, organization, business, ministry, people or any area of one’s concentration by mental or moral power. The winning of Favour, affection and your follower’s love.

Conquest Identity was recognized by a 1275 – 1325; middle English


Old French–Vulgar Latin (Conquesta)

(For Latin Conquisita, Feminine Past Particle of Conquirere).

However, many definitions like Macmillan dictionary consider conquest to be the process of gaining control of position or something through great effort.


Why Conquest Awards for Excellence

The need to appreciate and reward the heroic contribution of individuals or group that triumph in their fields.

It will interest you to know that the loyalty of thist triumphance in their area of concentrations is so impressive that, if we at home do not reward or recognize them on time, the International folks would definitely see and appreciate them accordingly.


Aims and Objectives of The Conquest Awardsfor Excellence

– To recognize and reward entrepreneurial spirits amongst individuals that has serve extremely well.

– To appreciate the economic importance and contributions of captains of industry.

– To give unknown excellent performers a sense of belonging and warmth reception everywhere they are, as any other A-list celebrities.

– To create a new set of role models and to unveil for young aspiring individuals whom to emulate as a successful models in their chosen province.

– To highlight the collective Conquest Spirit in Nigeria and celebrate the quality of moral and mental power of our nation.


Target Audience

– Captains of Industry

– Civil Servants

– Politicians

– Socialites

– Entrepreneurs

– Entertainment Personalities/Celebrities


The Awards Categories

  1. Conquest male entrepreneur of the year:- This goes to an outstanding male entrepreneur who aside being an employer of labour or business leader has also built a rapport and contribution to the society.
  2. Conquest Female entrepreneur of the year: – This goes to an outstanding female entrepreneur who aside being an employer of labour or business leader has also built a rapport and contribution to the society.
  3. Conquest Housing management firm of the year:- This goes to Estate management outfit, who has provided and given most conducive atmosphere for people of this nation to own a land or Housing Property.
  4. Conquest the most supporting NGO of the year: This goes to an organization that cares for the less privilege in the society.
  5. Conquest Best up and coming artiste of the year:This goes to the young new era musician whose song from nowhere caught across the country.
  6. Conquest Most Productive Farming Firm of the Year: This goes to a very large and productive farming outfit in the country.
  7. Conquest Youth Ambassador of the year: This goes to a Youth leader of an organization, political party or community.
  8. Conquest Best Dressed Actor of the Year: This goes to the most Fashionable actor in Hollywood.
  9. Conquest Most Powerful Society Woman of the year: This award goes to a woman of power and honour, whom has used her position to bless lots of lives.
  10. Conquest Special Recognition Award.


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