Suicide Bomber Strikes In Chad, Kills 17

Reports indicate that a suicide bomber disguised as a woman detonated explosives in a crowded market in the Chadian capital today.

The explosion claimed 17 lives with scores injured. This terrorist attack comes just a day after an attack by militants on Cameroon where they were repelled by the Cameroonian Army.

Cameroon, Niger, Nigeria and Chad have agreed to a regional integration to fight what has become a regional scourge. Boko Haram militants have infiltrated all four countries, carrying series of hit and run attacks which claim lives weekly.

Just last month, the countries agreed to work together and set up a regional task force. Unfortunately, this new agreement has failed to nip the terrorist group in the bud.

However, these are early days and there is optimism that this cooperation will spell the end of terrorism in the region.

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