British Tourists In Mass Exodus From Tunisia

A diplomatic row between Britain and Tunisia has sparked an exodus of British tourists from the North African country. After the death of 30 British tourists in Tunisia at the hands of a gunman with suspected links to ISIS, the African country has been deemed unsafe by the UK Foreign office.

It is the second terrorist attack in as many years in Tunisia where tourism forms a major sector of the economy. After the UK Foreign Office tightened travel restrictions, Tunisian Prime Minister Habib Essid, responded with a thinly veiled threat promising repercussions for Britain.

Essid reportedly told addressed his parliament and said; “We will ring the British prime minister to tell him we have done everything we can to protect all British interests and those of other countries – that’s our duty,”

“Britain is free to take whatever decision it likes – it’s a sovereign country – but we too are a sovereign country and we have a position to take.”

Britain has responded by cancelling all flights to Tunisia and this row has sparked a frenzied exodus of many Brits from Tunisia

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