Comedian AY Appreciates All Women

There is no better way to express how you feel about your wife/girlfriend/partner than to show her love. Ayo Makun popularly known as AY took to his Instagram page to share a note to men all over the world urging them to appreciate the women in their lives.Here is what he said;


? changes her name ? changes her home ? leaves her family ? moves in with you ? builds a home with you ? gets pregnant for you ? pregnancy changes her body ? she gets fat ? almost gives up in the labour room due to the unbearable pain of child birth ? even the kids she delivers bear your name Till the day she dies… everything she does… cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your family, bringing up your children, earning, advising you, ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family relations, everything that benefit you….. sometimes at the cost of her own health, hobbies and beauty.



Dear men, let’s appreciate the women in our lives always, because it is not easy to be a woman. *Being a woman is priceless* Happy women’s week! A salute to ladies! WOMAN MEANS :- W emoji WONDERFUL MOTHER O emoji OUTSTANDING FRIEND M emoji MARVELLOUS DAUGHTER A emoji ADORABLE SISTER N emoji NICEST GIFT TO MEN FROM GOD.


Do you agree with him?

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