Kate Henhaw Opens Up On The Fire Incident

After the fire incident which happened last week, Kate Henshaw, has finally opened up on the issue.

The Nollywood actress took to Instagram on Friday June 3rd, 2015 to show gratitude to those who reached out to her after the horrible incident.
She wrote, “With a heart full of immense gratitude, I want to thank all my fans, friends on social media, who sent messages and words of encouragement for the incident that happened last week. I appreciate the love, care and concern. The good Lord bless you all and cause His face to shine on you, may He be gracious unto you and give you peace!! Have an absolutely blessed weekend. Huge hugs all round.”
A new sit-com – DO GOOD – will be showing on TV soon and Kate Henshaw is one of the cast for the show. So plan to watch her in the new TV series.

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