MTN Subscribers Express Excitement Over CallerFeel Service

Femi Ojodu runs a small business consulting company. After working for more than 10 years in a multinational firm, he decided to start up his own consulting firm. In order to attract business, he needs to inform his friends of the new move in his life. His phone contacts readily come to mind. However, He is at a loss as to the most cost effective way of advertising his consulting business via his phone contacts.

Janet Oghene is a baker and a student of one of Nigeria’s leading tertiary institutions. Even though her parents have largely been responsible for her education, she wants to supplement her income from home by baking cakes and other pastries and selling to her fellow students. Her challenge is; how is she going to spread the word about her new business to the entire school community?

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Ahmed Rabiu’s wife recently delivered a bouncing baby girl. Being the family’s first child, he intends to host family members and friends to a grand naming ceremony. However, the task of sending invitations to the invited guests appears daunting given his tight schedule.

These three individuals had one basic challenge: How to disseminate personalized messages without spending too much money.

They found the perfect solution with MTN’s Caller Feel service. Caller Feel is a classy service that allows users express themself through short messages that appear on the subscribers’ phone screen when they receive calls. Femi Ojodu for instance, easily converted his phone into an advertising medium using the Caller Feel service. This way, whenever he made a call, a short message about his business appeared on the screen of the receiver. As for Janet Oghene, news of her bakery business soon spread to the entire university community after she posted a short message about her cakes via the Caller Feel service. Ahmed Rabiu, on his part, did not need to bother with endless phone calls, SMS or email messages to convey details of the child naming ceremony to friends and family as he had already pasted a message about the ceremony via his Caller Feel account.

Like the three, more and more Nigerians are buying into the MTN Caller Feel Service. The best part of the Caller Feel service is that it can be used for various purposes such as: Personal Advertising, Status messaging, Mood description, Special messages to specific callers and a host of other ways. Some of the features of the service include the option of creating personalized content, choosing from various categories of specially created Caller Feel content, as well as the option of assigning certain Caller Feel content to different callers/groups at different times.

That’s not all. Subscribers to the service can create time schedules for personalized content for up to 4 hours, after which it would be replaced with the default Caller Feel content. Users are also allowed to copy Caller Feel Content from a call just by pressing the hash key {#} when the called party answers the call.

So what are you waiting for? Why not express yourself by subscribing to the MTN Caller Feel service. Simply send the keyword: “REG” to short code “50016” or log onto the Caller Feel webpage on the MTN website, enter your MSISDN and select the option to subscribe to this service.

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