London Fashion Stylist Juliet Andrew-Orji Starts Bold Accessories Concept

London-based BITCHMEANSBUSINESS, unveils its first line of accessories in Nigeria with rhinestone nail rings. Founded by London fashion stylist Juliet Andrew-Orji in 2015, her first creations are the only nail rings that cover the entire nail in a choice of two styles. Top fashion, lifestyle & culture blog, VenusSBay ( has been selected as the first distributor for the Nigerian market.


“These nail rings are a discovery of mine that started when I was having a really bad nail day. I love both nail rings and wearing nail polish, and I researched options for combining these adornments,” says BITCHMEANSBUSINSS founder, Juliet Andrew-Orji. “In thinking about these rings – it was then – I decided to start the brand of BITCHMEANSBUSINESS for selling them.


The Deb Lipstick Image


“The brand BITCHMEANSBUSINESS refers to an attitude for the new generation of women who are fashion-conscious and fierce in their love of individuality.”


The premiere collection from BITCHMEANSBUSINESS offers two styles in its range of nail rings:

The Deb

The Deb nail ring has a classic oval shape that covers the nail tip with rhinestones, with gold-tone band and face. Sold individually at N1,800 or as a five piece set at N8,000.


Juliet Andrew-Orji Image 1 72dpi


The Claw

The Claw nail ring is curved and pointy covered with rhinestones and supported with a thick gold-tone band. Sold as a set of five for N10,000.


Fashion stylist and personality, Juliet Andrew-Orji, resides between London and Lagos. She is a Style Ambassador for, a global e-tailer for wearable avant-garde clothing, based in London and Abu Dhabi. Juliet will expand the range of BITCHMEANSBUSINESS to introduce exciting and audacious accessories throughout 2015.

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