#Orin: When Music Streaming Marries Social Networking

A project of Nigerian Entertainment Today (NET), Orin is a mobile music-streaming site that is fully optimized to give the user a unique music experience.


In addition to offering 100% African music content from genres such as Fuji, Juju, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Afro pop, Highlife, and so on, the site is also enabled with special features that allow users to connect, share and engage in conversations.


The platform also provides an array of special features ranging from videos, mixtapes, to unique mood inspired playlists. The site also enables users to update their profiles as well as view other users.


Now, in an industry already saturated with ‘music blogs’ offering the same old ‘listen here, download here’ services, Orin comes as a breath of fresh musical air.





Orin is the next big thing in Nigerian music and here’s why

Although the name ‘Orin’ (meaning Music in Yoruba) says it all, it’s important to know that this new music-streaming site isn’t only about the music, but it was created with the user in mind.


The mobile site, www.orin.ng features thousands of tracks, music videos and special mixtapes from the past and today’s sounds. The site also has a feature that lists playlists according to the artists, so you can choose to listen to songs from your favorites all day long.

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To show that unlike other music streaming sites, Orin gets you, it comes with a Mood setting, which allows you to listen to different genres depending on how you’re feeling!


When riding in the car with your parents on Sunday evening, some Gospel or Juju might be preferred. Home alone with your boo on Saturday night? Surely, some smoove R&B and Soul will do. But when heading out Friday night with the gang, then Dancehall and Highlife should be loud on the speakers.




And if you’re thinking that while listening to music, you might be missing out on events in the ‘real world’, then you can make the most of the social networking service by connecting with and making new friends from a community of Orin users.


#MusicOnTheGo really doesn’t get better than this.

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