Introducing Glory Edozien (InspiredbyGlory) Weekly Vlog: #Discovery Eps1: how to Love Yourself

We are absolutely excited, like really really really….like we couldn’t even be any more excited to bring you the first webisode of our vlog- #Discovery. This year we’ve been working on SEVERAL visual projects and this is the first one to hit your screens! More to come in 2015!

There’s a vlog for everything! Make-up and fashion tips, entertainment, gossip….but very few on self awareness and improvement. The discovery vlog is about self enrichment and fulfilment. It’s about the things my friends and I have discovered about life, the small, tiny important things that make life beautiful which we often miss. ‘How to love yourself’, ‘how to face criticism’, ‘how to practice happiness’. It does not come from someone who knows it all but from someone who is still discovering and wanting to share with others, what she has discovered, hoping in turn others will share their own ‘discoveries’ too.

Off course, the first webisode had to be on ‘loving yourself’ my mantra and obsession. I hope you enjoy this and other weekly webisodes. Please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel and leave a comment on your own thoughts of self love!

For fans of the Inspire Series, don’t worry….season two will be out in a few months…so make sure you subscribe to be in the know!




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