King Ceeser Explains The Inspiration Behind Save My Soul Single

Following the successful release of his last single King Ceesar  real name Christopher Akanmu drops ‘Save My Soul’ an uptempo reggae tune produced by rising producer Dr. Gee. 


With its simple and prayerful lyrics, Save my Soul is a song that everyone can relate to in terms of experience, cultural inclination and even believe.

Read his interview about his life and music below;

You write your own lyrics, where do you draw your inspiration from?

I draw inspiration from my surroundings, everything going on around me. Life and all.


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What stories, or events informed your new single ‘Save My Soul’ ? 

Well, I find it hard to explain myself with words, and music is a way for me to talk about how I feel without actually having to explain. It just makes sense when you listen. The single was inspired by my life as it is, things going on around me. Now I’m trying to explain with words but really I can’t. Listen.

3). How would you categorize your kind of music?

Real. Easy.

4). What was your parents reaction when you told them you wanted to do music?

My parents are very emphatic on one thing – education! But hey, I’m in school so its all good.

5). You are currently joggling music with your studies, how is that going?

It is stressful. I’ve got to move around a lot but its cool. I asked for it.

6). Is music a hobby for you or are you considering it as a full- time job?

I love music, its effortless expression. Music is life, without music what will make us dance, laugh and gather so often and feel good all at once. No, music is not a hobby.

7). What makes the King Ceesar brand different from other new music artistes?

Its King Ceesar. Its me. No one else. I’ll let the music speak.

8). You mentioned in your bio that you are inspired by the works Nigerian Afro pop star, Wizkid, can you expatiate on that?

Wizzy inspires everybody, I mean, he is the reason many young cats can come out confidently. Many people will not admit it, but he started an entire movement. Even men older than him try to copy him. His music is cool as well.

9). You are a very good graphics and design artist, are you considering that as a business option?

No, I am not. I do graphics because it is fun. If I try to do it for money,  it’ll spoil the fun. It’ll become a burden.

10). If you were not doing music, what would you be doing?

Something that requires constant creativity. I like to push myself.

11).  Who is your female celebrity crush?

Eva!! Eva!!!….She kills me.

12) You are currently Ranked no 1 on Reverbnation Reggae music genre in Nigeria, how does that make you feel?

It feels great! I feel like yeah my music is going places and this is what I am supposed to be doing. It feels good and great all together. I really feel proud of myself.

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