There is a new way to share your conversations and this time, you are not limited to any social network- your callers are your new listeners.

MTN CallerFeel welcomes you to a new world of possibilities and self-expression. Whether you are in business, having fun, or you just have great news to share…

This is what it does for you:

Current and potential customers hear about your products and new offerings

Multiple persons share in your great news

Quick updates that make you feel good about expressing yourself are available to whoever calls your phone!


This is how it works:

Instead of listening to a ring-back (Caller) tune,  MTN CallerFeel allows for  your personalised messages to appear as pop-up notifications on your caller’s phone screen anytime they call; so now, they get to see and feel your message.

Think of the quick updates on your BBM, Facebook and Twitter; it works just the same -only cooler, as it can now be done on your MTN lines!

This is why you should use it-

MTN CallerFeel service is for your self-expression:


  • Sharing your Status Updates – It doesn’t have to be with your social friends alone, let your contacts too know what is on your mind.
  • Advertising – Is it a small scale or medium scale? Add your mobile phone to one of your advertising channels. You’ll be amazed how many people get to know about your promos and special offers.
  • Sharing special moments – What bigger way to share the good news with your friends and family than with CallerFeel. They see it, they feel it!


Subscribe Now! Send REG to the short code, 50016 or log onto the CallerFeel website, enter your MSISDN and select the option to subscribe to the service.


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