All You Need To Know About The Fairy God Mother – Iretiola Doyle


Iretiola Doyle is an award winning actress, a writer, producer and TV presenter. Some of us can remember her show back in the days on STV. Today, she is known as the Nigerian Ambassador for FAIRY – a brand which has been in existence for so many years.



During a recent chat with the brand ambassador in Lagos, she shared her experience working with the brand – FAIRY.




In her words;

Fairy is the number one product globally and I am proud to be an ambassador for Fairy dishwasher in Nigeria. Fairy was launched on March, 2015 in Nigeria. One of the assignment is to create the awareness and availability in Nigeria and Africa.  Within the next one year, Fairy will become the number one brand in Nigeria and there will be no dissatisfied customer. It delivers on its promise and all you have to do is try it once and you will see that this brand of dish washing liquid delivers on every promise it makes. It is 100% effective. A bottle of Fairy dish washer lasts two or three times longer and you use less of Fairy Dish washing liquid on many dishes than you would with any other brand. I am so convinced about this product.


In promoting this brand – We’ve been promoting this brand since March, 2015. My responsibility towards this brand is the same responsibility I have towards my nation and we took a decision because the election period was not the right to be talking about dish washing liquid considering where we stood in our socio-political evolution so that slowed s down a bit. We’ve had a couple of interviews and research with marketers. We had vibrant Twitter interview on social media and it was very effective communicating to people out there.









There will be more interactions with people at the mall, local market interacting with the people and telling them about this brand and just getting the product out there and convincing people to give it a trial. If you try FAIRY, you will never go back again.


The experience has been awesome so far and this is a brand I do not have to lie about. I know how effective it is and I have had an wonderful experience using the brand. Cooking is fun, cleaning up is hard, FAIRY dish washer gets it done.






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