BBA 9 Alumnus, Mirah Miguel Hooks Up With Nigerian Pop Artiste Ketchup

Remember the Gabrielle Union Look-alike lady, Mirah Miguel from Mozambique in BBA 9? She’s supposed to be dating that other BBA alumnus, Luis Munana but it seems she’s hooked up with Nigerian pop artiste, Ketchup who is in S.A at the moment shooting music videos.

A quick snoop around both their Instagram accounts reveals that it started with her promoting Ketchup’s music but the posts have since moved on to intimate selfies with captions that often contain the heart emoji.

Yesterday, she posted a picture of them both with a caption that suggested that they have a ‘thing’. Ketchup then reciprocated with a post of his own but got into trouble for it when an Instagram user who is apparently a Luis fan, went in on him with a lot of expletives.

Follow all the action on IG: @mirah_miguel  @Iam_ketchupIMG_20150520_131455 IMG_20150520_140532_edit

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