Opinion – What Buhari Must Do To Succeed

A week before Jose Mourinho was due to return to Chelsea for his second stint at the club, he hinted that Juan Mata (Chelsea’s best player for two years and David Luiz were not part of his plans).

And he didn’t waste much time in discarding both of them. Not that I like Mourinho or his approach to football but he does know how to get the job done.
Now that General Muhammadu Buhari is returning to the helm as Nigeria’s president for a second time he must do same. He must discard those persons who do not fit the bill.
Buhari oozes discipline and integrity but that could be tainted if we have corrupt persons go unpunished. For me, he should make example of some corrupt persons, using them as example for others who are corrupt or are intent on being corrupt.
This action will send some chill down the spine of many Nigerians and that will serve as the standard for many years to come. When he is done with enshrining discipline and uprightness, he should move into management.
I wouldn’t expect General Buhari to run the show all by himself, so therefore, the decentralization of labour will be key to his success as president. While he is not the most intelligent Nigerian, he is one with a clarity of thought and I hope he will put round pegs in round holes and not follow the clamour of those that have orgasm for zoning or rotation.
Before appointments are made, he should read them the riot act. A land where there is no law, there is no sin. He should convey in the most serious manner that he would jail any corrupt appointee and would sack any incompetent person in his government.
To achieve the change he has preached, he will need a monitoring team that is bigger than those appointed. There is for some checks and balances if transparency is reverted in this government.
He needs people who will monitor, evaluate and report back to the Presidency what each ministry or parastatal is doing with monies given to them.
This monitoring team must be made up of people who are extremely sincere. Pastor Tunde Bakare can be chosen to head this set of people and also monitor their activities.
In my theory, this people do not have to be paid heavily. They can get money for logistics and travel, they must be people are willing to serve for the benefit of the country. If they can stop billions of naira from flowing out freely, then it will do a lot of good to Nigeria.
You’re thinking what if this people are called aside and shown some money? Yes, that can only happen if the president-elect fails to instill discipline at the beginning.
In this government, nobody knows who is reporting directly to the Presidency and who is willing to take a kick back. With some made examples of this vice, it will consistently but gradually reduce in our economy.
Very paramount, is that every Nigerian life must count. In advanced democracies, if you commit a crime against a citizen you must pay for it and same must be applicable in Nigeria.


A rebirth of the army, air force, navy, police, DSS, NSCDC etc is required. Bad eggs must be flushed out, then a re-training and re-orientation must be handed down to everyone of them.
The idea of someone blabbing with the rhetoric of “Do you know who I am” must stop. Everyone should be equal before the law and have equal access to security.
While I do not want to bore Nigerians with an epistle, job creation must also be in the scale of preference. If Nigerians especially the youths have jobs then the vices we witness today will reduce.
Lastly, if the Central Bank of Nigeria and Nigerian banks can come up with the Bank Verification Number (BVN) then the government must develop an approach to register all Nigerians through a census or any registration scheme. This will the government plan for the present and forecast for the future.
It is an empirical approach that is used in most study to achieve near-accurate result.
With most Nigerians registered on a mobile network and through the BVN data can be collected secondarily before primary data collection can be done for underages and elders.
The president-elect has got a Herculean task ahead of him, so therefore, all Nigerians must be patient and ready to sail with the captain.

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