#NoToXenophobia: AMAMN Cautions South Africans And Their Government Over Attacks

The Association of Music Artistes Managers of Nigeria (AMAMN) cautions South Africans and their Government to be wary of tolerating xenophobic attacks.

If there is a country that ought to be grateful to Africa as a whole, that country should be South Africa. Through the shackles of the apartheid era, Africa stood by her side; through the songs we sang, the trade agreement made, the political and bilateral relationship cultivated or broken. While it is imperative for a country to provide for and protect its citizens via employment and basic necessities of life, these should not be done at the peril of citizens of other nations who are LEGALLY within the boundaries of such countries.

What is particularly shameful is the seemingly silence of the celebrities who will jump to feature a Nigerian, Ghanaian, Zimbabwean or Kenyan Artiste in other to appeal to a wider market. Now the brothers of these artistes are being maimed and killed and none is taking a stand? This is the same country that makes foreign income from diverse artistes coming into their country to shoot musical videos? Is the message being sent that the money from other countries and not their citizen is all they welcome? If a position has been taken by some of these celebrities, it has not been loud enough to be effective and should be pushed out there to help halt these shameful acts. No country can exist in isolation, South Africans has blamed EVERYONE else but themselves for their problems. If it is true that a King who should be a Role model to his people and an ambassador of his Kingdom issued the instruction for these attacks, he MUST be tried for crimes against humanity and brought to Justice.

NO NATION HAS THE MONOPOLY OF VIOLENCE! We urge the South African government to please take urgent and pungent steps to curb this display of evil and irresponsibility. AMAMN condemns these attacks in its entirety. A stitch in time might yet still save Africans from an era of darkness, avoidable xenophobia and bloodshed.

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