You Won’t Believe What Funny Bone Wants To Do With $5Million

Season 2 has already kicked off in full swing as #DareMeQuestions recently dared top celebrities from  producer/rapper JJC Skillz to One of West Africa’s finest and fast rising Comedian, Funny Bone who went live on the online entertainment platform, as he dished out some hard truths including some of his dirty secrets.


See Some of his answers to some #DareMeQuestions below:



#DareMeQuestions . @IamFunnyBone When was the last time you were horny?


  • I like “honey” a lot too…in short I am “Honey” everyday ooo lol


#DareMeQuestions . @IamfunnyBone (Dare) tell us something crazy/weird about you? Or tell us a secret no one else knows?


  • I am a Private Person and a very shy person


#DareMeQuestions . @IamfunnyBone Where was the concert or event you told a joke and no one laughed?


Lol…it depends on the audience o. But yes I have had a bad day sometime in my career.  The event was in Jos o. My Broda the audience booed me off the stage o. But that was like 7 years ago.


#DareMeQuestions  At what age did you have your first sex?


  • lol…sex ke..i am still a virgin oo. Lol


#DareMeQuestions . If you were offered $5million for a plastic surgery, what part of your body would you like to change?


  • Surgery hmmm. That has to be my head and nose…I will do a surgery to adjust it. Especially my head.


#DareMeQuestions . Can you act porn for 20 million pounds?


-Porn ke??? Naa I won’t ooo..my mama go disown me o. I only do porn indoors.


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