Freeze Shades Entertainers Who Marched Against Piracy



This week, some entertainers marched against piracy to the Lagos State Government house, where they were addressed by Gov. Fashola, who promised them that the government will look into the situation.

Now, popular cool fm’ OAP Freeze took to instagram to diss people who buy fake items but complain about piracy because it affects them personally. See what he wrote

‘Celebrities marching against piracy yet they wear fake (Pirated) watches. Stop patronizing sites like these and maybe, just maybe they would stop pirating your movies and music. Funny thing about piracy is that it only hurts when it’s been done to you! The same way it hurts when your material is being pirated is the same way it hurts #Rolex #FranckMuller #Cartier #Hublot #Panerai #Patek etc.’

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