Van Vicker, John Dumelo Others Condemn Xenophobic Attacks In South Africa

Two weeks ago, locals began attacking and looting properties owned by fellow Africans, in the wake of alleged comments by Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini telling migrants to go home.

The violence which broke out in Durban and surrounding townships has spread to other parts of the country, Durban including the economic capital Johannesburg.

Notable Ghanaian personalities have added their voices to condemn the attacks via social media.






Actor John Dumelo also took to his Instagram page with a picture of a victim and added the caption:


‘The xenophobic attacks against Ghanaians, Nigerians and other foreign nationals in South Africa must stop! This is the height of injustice. We are all Africans; we are all one people, with one positive goal. What’s the point in killing and attacking fellow Africans?’ He said ‘the fact that a man can take the life of another, without any justification and with arrogance impunity is depressing. We constantly lament the evils of terrorism and orchestrated religious attacks, but to what do we owe this? What did we (other Africans) ever do you South Africa?’


Comedian and Actor David Oscar who was in South Africa a few months ago, shared his opinion towards the recent killings.

“I’m having to jump on this band wagon because of the sheer savagery being unleashed on our brothers and sisters. I’ve cried this morning after seeing some of the images …..”, The Actor revealed in his Facebook post. He further wrote, “Let’s have a black Friday demonstration TODAY against the gruesome killings of foreigners in SA. no shopping at shoprite, pick n pay, spar, steers, debonairs, hungry Lion, Mr Price, Woolworths, or any shop that is a south african invstment. S.A must be put in their place.”

Top Actor Van vicker on his instagram stated that “I don’t think it has come to that. This will further divide us as Africans and lead to several other unimaginable crisis. let’s rather get the leaders to take drastic actions to curb this inhumane actions b4 it leads to a ‘killing epedimic’ around the continent. #GodHelpUs #SayNoToXenophobia #JustBecauseICan #TheYoungGodfather






A Ghanaian living in South Africa was reportedly killed during the xenophobic attack in Durban and this has led Ghanaians, celebrities and government officials share their views on the barbaric act”.



Afia Schwarzenegger posted a picture on Instagram with the caption:

”I was in Tembisa watching Chelsea vrs Man u finals during the 1st Xenophobic attack 2008….it’s just by his grace that am alive today putting smiles on your face. Now the South African’s are killing foreigners again and as usual South African government will not cough a virus of it. The man u see in this picture is Kwesi, a very hard working Ghanaian in Durban who was burnt alive because he works too much. If South African government collects our money for visa but can’t ensure any safety of foreigners, if South Africans will kill Ghanaians because we work too much, if south Africans won’t allow any foreigner to establish any business in their country….then it’s about time we also boycott all south African companies in Ghana e.g. Mtn, Rhapsody, Shoprite, Game, Edgar, Woolworth, Identity etc Let’s stand firmly with our brothers and sisters in South Africa by saying NO to All south African companies, Say no to any South African company in Ghana. …..say no to xenophobia, Good morning’.

Actress Beverly Afaglo also suggested: “Let’s have a black Friday demonstration TODAY against the gruesome killings of foreigners in S.A. no shopping at Shoprite, pick n pay, spar, steers, debonairs, hungry Lion, Mr Price, Woolworths, or any shop that is a south African investment. S.A must be put in their place. Send this to all your contacts. Black Friday for South Africa products, Media like BBC must be invited, Boycott all South African shops in a bid to make the RSA take a stiffer action against Xenophobic attacks. PEP, Shoprite, Game stores, JET, EDGAR’S …. Circulate this message and take action. Someone’s mother, father, brother, sister could be saved. Help save a life”.



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