Ozzy Bosco Advocates Total Peace In New Musical Video Feat Terry G

Barely 24 hours to the most talked about 2015 Nigerian Presidential elections; “OzzyBosco Wonderkid” has dropped yet another master piece to drum up support for PEACE IN NIGERIA.
In a video described as a teaser by his Mum, CEO of Ozzy Records, the fabulous child Right crusader has lent his voice to the crave for total peace in Nigeria especially during and after the 2015 general elections.
 Dance Afrique Rehearsal-5
With election hovering in the air, the children’s ambassador “OzzyB” on behalf of Nigerian kids and teenagers advocates on the song that the Government should ensure that total peace reigns in Nigeria to allow a safe future for their generation.
The single which featured The African Lion, Terry G is one of the songs coming up in his debut album “SUPERSTAR” due for release later in the year.
Quoiting the sensational kid star, OzzyB “A Peaceful Nation is our Birthright” …the voice of Children is the voice of GOD!!!

Watch below

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