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7 Things To Do To Keep Yourself Safe In This Election Week

As the elections are fast approaching, so many people have already pitched their tents to the candidate of their choice. Many have planned to cause commotion once they find out that the votes were against their candidate. Well, OSG brings to you the things to do in order to keep yourself save in this election week

1) Do not keep late night.

2) Make sure you buy enough groceries and food stuff in the house .

3) Ensure you buy enough fuel to the generator and do not store fuel in the house to avoid fire.

4) Night parties and clubbing should be put on hold for now.

5) In case you do not know so much about the candidates, it is not too later, learn more about them.

6) Violence is not everything, Avoid violence.

7) Vote!!! Ensure you use your PVC wisely. Its the only weapon you have, use it well.

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