Ehime Eigbe is the founder and Managing director of Sweet Kiwi frozen yogurt. She has a BA honors from London Metropolitan University in Business Information Technology and International Relations. She has worked with Amnesty International upon completion of her university degree and then moved in Legal banking at Citigroup in Dallas Texas.  Ehime is versed in corporate loan restructuring and bankruptcy chapter 7,11, 12 & 13. She has restaurant management and frozen yogurt, ice –cream and dessert manufacturing training certifications. She has a Certificate in Entrepreneur Management from the Enterprise development Centre in Lagos, which helped develop her management and leadership skills. Ehime is also a Goldman Sachs 10,000 women scholar. Ehime is a public speaker and has taken part in several motivational speaker events to inspire youths and women.  Ehime is passionate about volunteering, she founded a not for profit organization called ‘Hands in Lagos’ to help foster the spirit of volunteerism in the country.

About Sweet Kiwi:


I got the idea to start Sweet Kiwi in 2010, I was very into frozen yogurt at the time. I registered to train to learn how to make frozen yogurt and other desserts. I went through training for about two years. Coming to Nigeria to start the business was pretty scary, I had not been in Nigeria for a very long time and I did not know what to expect. It was challenging at the beginning but I preserved and the product and brand began to do very well on its own. We started with event catering and built a name in that sector catering several major events. With time we were able to open our flagship store which has been very successful. Sweet Kiwi is committed to delivering a healthy dessert experience that meets international standards everytime. Future plans for Sweet Kiwi is expansion through Nigeria and Africa, we are currently working on opening several new locations across Nigeria within the next two years. We are looking to kick off a franchise program within Nigeria and then the African continent.


See photos from the event in Lagos;


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