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#TheInsideMan: Why Women Allow Domestic Violence

Everyone likes to talk, some senseless, some a waste of time, while others talk to educate, help, entertain and inspire hence #TheInsideMan debuts recently. Last Thursday on twitter at 5.30pm; a discussion/interview session – where hosts Top Blogger, Unilag Olodo, Social Media Expert, Kofo aka Kay Baba, Top notch photographer, Shola Ajisegbede and Publicist and Content writer, Olusola talked about popular, trending and real issues about career, money, life, women, men, sex and so much more – ..Saying it like it is.



The first edition of #TheInsideMan topic was: Men who beat their wives, girlfriends, chics, side chics ; advantages and disadvantages.


The straight on point discussion/interview session goes thus…



#DareMeQuestions™ @BossRicky01 ·

#TheInsideMan (fact file) Domestic violence has killed more women and some men (in rare cases) @Unilagolodo @datGuyKOFO @Sniper_Ajix


  • Let’s quickly get on with it – Why do you think a man would hit his girlfriend/wife?


Shola Ajisegbede @sniper_ajix · only a weak man will raise up his hands against any woman… #TheInsideMan


@datGuyKOFO · Feb 26

Some say their girlfriend/wife provoked them into violence by seeking attention from anoda man #TheInsideMan @BossRicky01 @sniper_ajix


I agree, Now @datGuyKOFO does that mean for example, your girl is allowed to chat with others guys…..same as guys do


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO

If I’m allowed to chat with girls/ladies, she can also do same with her guy-friends. #TheInsideMan @BossRicky01 @sniper_ajix @UnilagOlodo


Now Sola. @sniper_ajix .some women overdo things and it results to violence….what do u think? ” #TheInsideMan


Shola Ajisegbede @sniper_ajix · We all “overdo” things… and it mustn’t lead to violence.. Communication is Key #TheInsideMan


#DareMeQuestions™ @BossRicky01 

Some women blame themselves whenever their spouse hit them – what do u think about this? #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO

In their own thinking, they believe they need to please their husbands (old thinking) #TheInsideMan


Shola Ajisegbede @sniper_ajix ·

“Pleasing” in a relationship/Marriage is a 2-way road, both parties must participate #TheInsideMan


#DareMeQuestions™ @BossRicky01 · Feb 26

Is it wrong for them for feel like dt way? “@datGuyKOFO: #TheInsideMan @BossRicky01 @UnilagOlodo @sniper_ajix


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · Feb 26

In all honesty, it’s wrong for a woman to feel that way. Self esteem is key #TheInsideMan cc @BossRicky01 @UnilagOlodo @sniper_ajix

#DareMeQuestions™ @BossRicky01 · 

Now Why do u think Women stay in an abusive relationship?They say, what if he apologies #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · Feb 26Insecurity or being alone is another biggie 4 remaining in an abusive rship, sumtimes @UnilagOlodo @sniper_ajix @Miss_kehinde @BossRicky01


Shola Ajisegbede @sniper_ajix ·  This may happen if the woman has low-self esteem & thinks whatever the man does is right #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · Feb 26

Those kinda ladies do things 4 others not demselves. Either not to disgrace her family #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · Feb 26 …or to avoid talks of her not being able to keep her family together #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · Feb 26…or wrong interpretation of d Bible. Submit to your man, u become a property #TheInsideMan

…they have to remain married to man cos of their kids. Avoid a broken home #TheInsideMan @BossRicky01 @sniper_ajix @UnilagOlodo


– Contributor – @Miss_kehinde  from the point of view of a lady we’ve been taught to take things like ladies I.e enduring everything #theinsideman

@BossRicky01 – For how long?

@Miss_Kehinde – like Forever

 …. also we’ve be told that men don’t react without reason, as such there has to be something wrong with u (d lady) #Theinsideman

 really women could tend to overdo, but violence has never solved any problem #Theinsideman

its not enough reason, but women who endure abuse give such reasons, or reasons like”he was stressed up” #Theinsideman

#DareMeQuestions™ @BossRicky01 · 

I spoke to a victim; he hits her 6 times a week…what if he keeps apologizing –Should she forgive #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · Feb 26

Sure she can forgive but is that what she wants for the rest of her life. #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · Feb 26

She needs to run away from the man no matter how high her threshold for pain is #TheInsideMan


Shola Ajisegbede @sniper_ajix · Feb 26

if he hits you, RUN AWAY…..



#DareMeQuestions™ @BossRicky01 · Feb 26

What do u think are some mistakes most women make that lead to or in an abusive relationship? #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba – Major mistake is not voicing out or taking a wise stand after d first violent experience #TheInsideMan @BossRicky01 @UnilagOlodo @sniper_ajix


Shola Ajisegbede @sniper_ajix ·

@BossRicky01 @UnilagOlodo @datGuyKOFO The major mistake is thinking the man is always right… Beating is not an act of Love #TheInsideMan


#DareMeQuestions™ @BossRicky01 · Feb 26

Who is d real victim-the woman or d man who feels small and result to use abuse as a weapon? #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · Feb 26

Women are the strongest and they were taught to go through every pain. #TheInsideMan cc @BossRicky01 @sniper_ajix @UnilagOlodo


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · Feb 26

Both parties are victims cos, one inflicts & the other is inflicted for wateva reason #TheInsideMan @BossRicky01 @sniper_ajix @UnilagOlodo

@Miss_kehinde · 

@BossRicky01 they are both victims in the end #Theinsideman

Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · 

The truth is the beating affects their psychology and they believe that’s all that satisfies him @BossRicky01 @UnilagOlodo @sniper_ajix


#DareMeQuestions™ @BossRicky01 · Feb 26

Okay, any personal experience where she almost lead for you to hit her? @UnilagOlodo @datGuyKOFO @Sniper_Ajix #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO · I have never been pushed to hit my lady. Maybe in my head thou when she is pushing it #TheInsideMan @BossRicky01 @UnilagOlodo @sniper_ajix

#DareMeQuestions™ @BossRicky01 · Feb 26

sme men really rape dr wives – is ds a crime or shd it count,they are married? #TheInsideMan

  Shola Ajisegbede @sniper_ajix ·  Communication in a relationship is Key nd if the man is ready and the woman is not


Shola Ajisegbede @sniper_ajix ·

that you’ve to rape your “wife” before you get sex means you’ve gotten something wrong along the way


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO ·

Rape is a crime. It would be only cool to rape your wife if death is not a crime. #TheInsideMan


Kay Baba @datGuyKOFO ·

Bhet, why rape what you own *thinking out loud* #TheInsideMan it’s absurd o



#DareMeQuestions™ @BossRicky01

Special #TheInsideMan shoutouts to @Miss_kehinde GOD bless you! Cc @UnilagOlodo @Sniper_Ajix and @DatGuyKofo


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