APC Calls Out PDP On First Lady’s Utterances

The build up to the 2015 General elections has been a thorough mix of all imaginable elements. From the serious to the flippant and the downright humorous. The PDP as well as the APC have dutifully ensured we do not have one dull moment.

The First Lady of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan is a woman who needs no introduction. A formidable political figure, she’s equally famous for some of her utterances. “There is God o” still sends spasms through my ribs.

Earlier in the week, the First Lady was campaigning in Lokoja and said a few controversial things. Urging women not to vote for the APC candidate because he would put them in purdahs, she went on to describe Maj. Gen Muhammadu Buhari (Rtd.) as brain dead.

She also alluded to his age and implied that as a result of his age, the APC candidate has some serious health challenges.

The All Progressives Congress did not take the First Lady’s comments lying down; in a statement by their Campaign’s Director of publicity; “It is not only insulting for Mrs. Jonathan to describe Buhari as “brain-dead, it is also demeaning of her status as the President’s wife to speak in the manner with which she did.”

“It is discourteous and inexcusable for a wife of any President with a modicum of decency to make such a false and infantile pronouncement about the health status of another man on account of politics”.

It is doubtful APC’s statement will put the First Lady in line seeing as she has a history of unguarded utterances.

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