Macleans Rewards Winners In Lagos As The Promo Excitement Moves To Portharcourt


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Macleans is rewarding winners big time!!! The excitement is definitely on! In  the  last  few  weeks,  Macleans  toothpaste  has  been  rewarding consumers  with  styled  bathroom  accessories  while  in  search  of  the ultimate prize winner of a complete bathroom makeover.

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Well, the search came to an exciting climax yesterday as 3 ultimate prize winners emerged amidst fanfare and celebrations. The winners were ecstatic as each one was handed the cash equivalent of the bathroom makeover, which they opted for.

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One of the winners, Gabriel Mbam, a business man, who resides in Ikorodu area of Lagos had this to say. “I am very happy. I share a bathroom with a number of people and I was so relieved when they gave me the option of cashing my reward. I want to thank GSK and Macleans toothpaste for this unexpected win.”

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So also is Mr. Nelson Salami who won and opted for the cash reward said  he  never  thought  of  winning  the  Bathroom  Makeover.  He  simply bought a new tube of Macleans because he was out of toothpaste. “I was passing by when I saw them selling, although there was a lot of activity around the sales point I just wanted to get my Macleans and leave, but then I was made to fill a raffle ticket, and in less than an hour I got a call and here I am. I am indeed grateful to GSK and Macleans”. He said.

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According to the Group Product Manager Oral HealthCare, GSK, Mr. Yusuf Murtala, who presented the prizes to the winners, “Macleans is a brand that has been in the market for over 40 years, the "Pimp My Bath" Promo is a way of giving back to our loyal consumers all years as we continue to promise them healthy gums, strong teeth and fresh breath.” The promo train will now move to the city of PortHarcourt to reward more winners and pimp more baths!

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To  participate  is  easy;  simply  purchase  two  125ml  tubes  of  Macleans toothpaste from the Macleans sales team or in selected stores and get a raffle ticket in addition to an instant branded gift item. The next draws will go live in Port-Harcourt and Abuja.

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For  other  cities,  simply  log  on  through  our  Facebook  pagewww.facebook.com//MacleansNigeria  in 3 easy steps

Step1: Purchase 2 tubes of Macleans 125ml toothpaste.

Step 2: Like our Face book page and upload a selfie with the purchased packs.

Step 3: Get your friends to like your picture.The picture with the highest number of likes at the end of the campaign wins.

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What are you still waiting for? PortHarcourt! Macleans is in your city! So hurry  and  get  your  Macleans  toothpaste  now,  and  we  just  might  be pimping your bathroom soon!

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Remember,  for  every pack of  Macleans  that  you buy,  you also get  an instant gift item. You  can  join  the  conversation  on  twitter  using  the  hashtag #MacleansPMB  or  visit  the  Macleans  Facebook  page  at www.facebook.com//MacleansNigeria to find out more about the promo.

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Macleans  is  a  premium product  of  GlaxoSmithKline  Consumer  Nigeria  Plc, with 40 years heritage and the brand offers great value protection.

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Macleans is endorsed by the Nigerian Dental Association.

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