On February 21, 2015, a one of kind African revolutionary turns 91 and there are lots of reasons to celebrate him.

For starters, it is not every-time you find a man who’s older than my great grandmother clutching to power with an insistence reminiscent of a hot blooded teenager. As Robert Mugabe turns 91, we must celebrate him, for having the mettle to rule one of Africa’s poorest nations since 1980.

Only a truly great man can hold power for so long, nonplussed by whatever economic hardships the majority of the citizens face. After all, what is democracy, if not a tireless invention of the white man?

To truly show his people the importance of celebrations, Robert Mugabe’s party has planned to spend $1 million in a birthday bash for the President.

In a nation where the government can scarcely pay its civil servants, we must commend Mr. Mugabe for his bravery and his prioritizing. After all, where’s the sense in fussing over unpaid salaries when the nation can have a jamboree for the lion of Zimbabwe?

If you’re worried about Mr. Mugabe’s advancing age, don’t worry too much, he has insisted that he’s not intending to step down anytime soon. Forget the minor fact that he slipped at the Harare Airport just a few weeks ago, such things happen to even the best of men- 17 security lost their jobs as a result, don’t ask me the connection.

He has assured us that he intends to run for and win elections in 2018. For a man who’s proven to be a veteran at winning elections, this is but a small feat. We can be assured that Robert Mugabe would definitely find a way around general elections even when he kicks the bucket.

Let us end with one of the best quotes from this inspiring man even as he’s on the cusp on 91; “So, Blair, keep your England, let me keep my Zimbabwe”.

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