BET To Feature Zuriel Oduwole for Black History Month – Future History Series

As Africa’s Most compelling Kid [according to New Africa Magazine], the Planets Most Influential 11 year old [according to New York’s Business Insider], and a Future Pioneer in the making [according to Forbes Magazine], Zuriel Oduwole, has been welcomed by the planets greatest Dark television Newtork – Wager [black Stimulation Tv], to gimmick as a component of its yearly Dark History Month occasions and projects, for 2015.

She was located for her global pioneers relationship improvement ability [she has talked with 14 Presidents & Head administrators, Aliko Dangote and Jesse Jackson], her tyke instruction backing [she has addressed in excess of 3900 youngsters in Nigeria, Ethiopia, Malawi, Tanzania and Mauritius on the need to stay in school], and her extraordinary story and motion picture making capacity [she has made 3 documentaries, the keep going one has demonstrated on the extra large screen in 2 film theater chains, including shows a week ago in Lagos at the Lekki GDC Shopping center in Lagos.]

It is for their uncommon fragment – “Fate of Dark History” Arrangement. She discharged her first innovative television thought for a Pilot show a week ago, alongside her more youthful kin

Two other motivational youngsters have additionally been welcomed for the extraordinary section, and incorporate 8 year old Mabou Loiseau, who plays the piano smoothly, and speaks more than 7 dialects fluidly, including French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and much the same as Zuriel – she excessively talks Mandarin [chin

Two other inspirational children have also been invited for the special segment, and include 8 year old Mabou Loiseau, who plays the piano effortlessly, and speaks more than 7 languages fluently, including French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, and just like Zuriel – she too speaks Mandarin [Chinese].

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