President Goodluck Jonathan – Democracy Is All About Freedom


As the general elections draw nearer, President Goodluck Jonathan had assured Nigerians of a continuity in the enjoyment of the benefits of democracy if re-elected.

Prominent among the benefits is freedom which according to him was a good ingredient of democracy which every citizen must enjoy.

He made this solemn promise on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 during the the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) campaign in Dutse, Jigawa.“Democracy is all about freedom and any democracy without it is not democracy,’’ Jonathan said.

The president further urged Nigerians not to lose hope and stay united in spite of the security challenges facing them, assuring that terrorism in Nigeria will be a thing of the past. He asked the people of the state to vote only PDP candidates in the forthcoming election, stating that the party and its members had worked together to develop the country.

Among the achievements of his administration in Jigawa state, the president pointed out the establishment of federal and state universities adding that within four years 80 per cent of the state universities in the country were built by PDP-controlled states.

He further assured farmers in the state of his maximum support with constant constant supply of fertiliser and soft loans to boost production, in order to move the nation forward.

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