Having a passion for arts, Dentist turn Make consultant of Insignia studios in a brief interview with Olubukunola Femi- Dagunro talks about her love for beautifying her clients, Motivation and challenges of running business in Nigeria.

Could you briefly yourself?

My Name is Tomi Ayankogbe, I’m a dentist and a makeup artist and the Creative Director of Insignia studios.

 How did you venture into the make up/beauty consultancy business?

Makeup for me started out as a hobby during my NYSC days, it was just a spark at first but then the desire to do makeup on my self grew. I became so passionate about it, I began making up my friends, anyone I could get my hands on. Then I decided to take it one step further and turn it into a business because I knew makeup artistry is of high demand now in Nigeria, and if you distinguish your self as one of the best, you will be highly sought after.

 As a Dentist, what motivated you to be a competitive market like this?

I have a flare for art, and I have a flare for business. I have a flare for providing people with top- notch service and seeing the smiles of satisfaction on their faces after the job is done. This actually wouldn’t be my first business. While I was on campus, medical school days, I started a shirt making business. And it was really good, just that after u graduated I got really busy with my dental practice and didn’t have the time to continue that. So, I’ve always had a flare for business.

 How do you combine Dentist work and beauty consultancy business?

Well for one, I don’t intend to practice dentistry for long, its more or less like a stop gap, a stepping stone to who I actually want to be. My passion is what drives me. No minute goes by each day without thinking, or meditating or seeing visions of what I want my makeup business to become. Even as I work on my patients, in my mind I’m seeing other things, concerning the makeup and fashion industry.

Its a competitive market, yes. The fact that there are other makeup artists out there that are successful, and new ones coming up everyday. The principle I keep at the back of my mind  is “Be consistent and keep striving to be better, everyday”. So, I’m not sleeping. Each day I learn something new, I surf the web for trends, techniques, looks. No day passes without me studying makeup. Its become my obsession so to speak.

The challenges: For me number one is my dental practice. Being a dentist is very demanding in terms of time and energy. Growing a business requires an investment of your time, and direct input, mentally, financially, physically etc. Number two challenge is being an ‘up-and-comer’. Building a client base, people who are willing to buy the service I’m offering. Being a new kid on the block potential customers need to believe in you, enough to put their money into your hands. The business may not make financial profit at the beginning, and that may be a turn-off for some, but its a process. Like I said earlier, consistency is the key. It may require you doing free jobs in exchange for referrals from friends, but always have one thing in mind ” a satisfied customer is a potential marketer”.

 As a beauty consultant what is your sense of style?

My sense of style is basically minimalist, not too over the top.

Tips?… I have a gazillion!… But I’ll just give three here. One, to keep your face looking feeling fresh all the time, ensure you wipe your face morning and night with baby wipes. I’ve found they are lovely on adult skin, they soften, moisturize and they don’t irritate yet give the face a lovely glow before application of makeup. Two, to give your face a nice golden glow, apply bronzer to your cheekbones, forehead, chin and cupid’s bow. Lastly, apply foundation and powder to your lips, to make your lipstick last longer after application. And that’s it!

Do you have any professional in beauty consultancy?

Yes I did have professional training and certification from the University of Makeup, Los Angeles, CA, USA. They run online courses, so I took advantage of that opportunity.

Aside work, How do you relax?

Hmmm, generally I love to hang out with friends when ever I get the chance, being together, good food, a nice atmosphere, catching up, relaxes me. I love to go swimming as well, going out to nice new restaurants to tryout new foods, I enjoy that a lot. But mostly I love watching movies, at home or at the cinemas, it helps to get my mind off work.

As a professional can you give beauty advice?

Hmmm, first and foremost, in a weather like this you need to allow your face breathe from time to time. Once a week go off makeup to keep your pores free of product. Ensure you exfoliate your facial skin at least twice a week using a facial scrub, cleanse your face at least twice a day. In heat, there’s a tendency to sweat, if you have oily skin, ensure your makeup products are oil free and mortifying, use a primer before applying foundation to help curb excessive oil. If you have dry skin, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Applying a layer of primer will also help to prevent your foundation from turning out cakey or flaky. Liquid/ creme to powder foundations work well for dry skin.




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