Ify Okeke Blasts Colleagues Over Muna Obiekwe’s Death

It’s no longer news that Nollywood actor Muna Obeikwe is dead. Nollywood actress Ify Okeke (@iFY0406) expressed her emotions toward the death of her colleague in the industry.




Here is what she said;


I truly hate to be a harbinger of bad news but I want to confirm that MUNA OBIEKWE IS DEAD! And am so angry! Yes not just because we lost another great talent but because in this industry we are not our brothers kepper. Yes,Muna mighty have wanted or lived a private life but people knew he was sick,people knew his health condition and yet what did they do,some tried but if they had cried out to the world MUNA might have gotten help. We are just colleagues NO REAL FRIENDS! Rest In Peace MUNA



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