President Goodluck Jonathan Finally Visits Borno

In what many have already termed “election time politicking” and a publicity stunt, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan yesterday visited Borno state.

Of the North Eastern states under siege, Borno is undoubtedly the hardest hit, with the insurgents speculated to control almost 80% of the state, sacking towns and setting fires to villages at will.

Many people had called on the President to visit the state especially in April following the abduction of 276 girls in Chibok; all the calls fell on deaf ears as the President’s aides cited security concerns for his decision not to visit at the time.

Following reports from Amnesty International that an estimated 2,000 people were said to have been killed in Baga town in Borno state, the President and the rest of his cabinet kept quiet.

President Jonathan met with the soldiers and officers at the Maimalari Cantonment and thanked them for their selfless service to the nation. In his words; “Let me assure you that we will soon take over all the areas. From the briefing I have received from the service chiefs, I assure you that we will take over the towns and communities”

However, many remained unimpressed with the President’s visit and words and Oby Ezekwesili took to twitter to put out her thoughts; “Those who clap&say “at least our President finally visited Maiduguri since March2013″ are like the unloved 4 whom a fleeting spark thrills.”

“Mr President, it ANGERS your grieving citizens that you forgot to visit them UNTIL ONLY AFTER THE POLITICAL CAMPAIGNS BEGAN. Where were you?”

“If no one told Mr. President yet, I will. Going to Maiduguri “supposedly” to boost morale of our soldiers yesterday was hallmark of DECEIT”

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