Music Review: Dipo F. Falz/ “Papa”

Falz is present on this one, heavily present. The last time we heard him on a track and the phrase “classic” mentioned it was a humdinger. Check “Marry Me” with Yemi Alade and Poe for details.



Dipo is the initiator of this though, and he is direct and original on it. Pidgin flows, he cuts through the classes of listeners out there, earning “Papa” a relatable feel. Production wise, we like what we hear right here; local percussions and guitar strings take center stage before talking drums get in the mix and hoist the music overall. We like.






There isn’t anything tangible; however, on this theme-wise. Dipo talks about a lady whom upon defeating him on a certain turf won’t get a second victory on another, some sexual innuendo of sorts. Falz enters the cut and tells us how she is a bad girl whom he can do everything desirable to, boasting that what she’ll see of him and tag ‘bad’ is him still rehearsing, call this his tip of the iceberg. Feel good music.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?








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