OSG Beauty: 6 tips to grow your eyelashes

2015 brings forth so many new year resolutions and we know some of yours include beauty resolutions. Us here at OSG Beauty are here to help you with whatever beauty choices you decide to make this year.

How many of you would love to have eyelashes as long as Megan Foxx’s or Olivia Wilde’s? We’ve put together some information to help you get the va va voom of long, sexy eye lashes. Check out six easy tips below:

1. Leave them alone

Yes, leave them alone. This instruction is especially for those of you who wear contacts and glasses as well as the hay fever sufferers. There’s always the tendency for you to want to itch your eyes. In the process of aggressively rubbing them, its possible for a couple of lashes to get yanked off. (You could always buy artificial tears (eye drops) for dry eyes).

2. Groom them

Remember to wash your face after a night out or having make up on all day. In a situation where it seems difficult to wash out mascara, use eye make up remover to take off make up before washing your face.

Comb your eyelashes. This action stimulates growth. I know we said to leave them alone, but massaging them can also assist with blood circulation and stimulating the hair follicles.

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3. Petroleum jelly

For healthy eyelashes, gently massage skin petroleum jelly, preferably Vaseline on your eyelids before bed.

4. Olive oil

Olive oil can also be used to get lengthier eyelashes. Use a cotton bud or a clean mascara wand to apply this before bedtime. Castor oil can also be added to the olive oil.

(Remember to wash out the olive oil/ petroleum jelly in the morning).

5. Growth enhancing mascara and serums

You can use growth enhancing mascaras such as Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara, Smashbox Lash Revival Treatment and Conditioner or L’Oreal Paris Double Extension Renewal Serum inside Mascara.

6. Diet

You eating healthy and maintaining a balanced diet is also essential for the growth of  eyelashes. Make sure your diet is inclusive of protein, veggies and fruits.

Growth takes time so you have to be patient. If you think you can’t wait to grow your eyelashes out, you can always opt for false eyelashes or a mascara that promises you volume like some of our favourite below.

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