The Selfie Stick Is The New Craze!

It’s amusing how fast the world changes and how much you have to do to stay in touch with the world.
A few years ago, the word “selfie” would probably have meant nothing to you, but today, it has gained acceptance in the Oxford English dictionary!

Who’d have seen that one coming?

It is so popular that there’s even a song titled “take a selfie”.





So, here’s how it works, you extend your arms and take a photo of yourself by yourself (shouldn’t that be called a photocracry or something?), but some smart ass decided it should be called a selfie.

Perhaps, the most popular selfie in the world is Ellen Denegeres’s selfie at the Grammy awards.

Anyway, another smart ass decided that taking a selfie would be easier with a selfie stick. No longer should you feel a need to extend your arm, the stick does all the stress for you and even has a button to control the camera.

The selfie has become such a serious matter of intellectual discourse that the time magazine put forward a thesis asking “Is the selfie stick killing the selfie?”.

Is the simple invention that’s supposed to make the selfie easier killing the very idea of the selfie.
Anyway, we don’t care one way or the other! After its journey around the globe, the selfie stick has made its way to Lagos and you need to check out the trend.

You can trust our celebs to take it by the scruff of the neck and from Omotola Jalade to Toolz, the red carpet is no longer about the paparazzi, the selfie stick makes an appearance!





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