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Debris At Sea May Be Remains Of AirAsia Flight 8501

There’s no gainsaying that its been a difficult year for the aviation industry in Asia.

Although air travel is largely regarded as the safest means of travel, its one downside is that when disaster strikes, it usually strikes big.

One of the mysteries of 2014 is undoubtedly the disappearance of Malaysian airline flight MH370.

Although search operations were organised, the airplane seemingly disappeared without a trace. As astonishing as it sounds, the plane simply vanished into thin air.

In the same year, yet another Malaysian airline flight was shot down by Ukrainian separatists.

Both incidents claimed nearly 400 lives.

Just a few months after the world has moved on from the crisis in the hopes of not experiencing one again, tragedy struck.

An Air Asia flight 8501 on Sunday disappeared as the pilot ascended 38000 feet after he decided to change course because of bad weather.

As of this morning, reports indicate that debris have been found floating on the Java sea and authorities are 95% certain that the floating debris and bodies are from the ill fated flight.

The world holds its breath as more revelations continue to unfold.

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