Music Review: Runtown F. Phyno/ Banging (Leak)

This one hits us right from the booth where Phyno and Runtown reestablish their once solid partnership, and it’s all ‘dopeness’. Actually, it’s a well crafted one, though not all that super, considering its unfinished state.



The song takes over from where the original version stops, but not much is new on it per se. Both Arts appear to be having all the fun in the world voicing this. Runtown is too relaxed and so his verse leaves no particular impression. The lyrics lack cohesion here and there with Phyno failing to kick start ‘Banging’ as he should. But it’s okay, for in all the lyrical insufficiencies there are in this; the production more than makes up.






The entire production is unique, an intricately patterned set of beats with drops of digital finishing here and there; a few scratches as well as a feel of the local drums somewhere therein. Banging! Around the first minute or so, Phyno stabilizes just as he hands Run the baton, and the rest is history. The production on this is just plain impressive, so good you want to keep the song on repeat owing to its tuneful spark.






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