Music Review: RuggedMan / I Can’t Come And Go And Kill Maself

Fun stuff here, Rugged Man invites the ever funny Chi Gurl into the song and she opens the cut with her trademark mischief. Interesting.




The song isn’t any complex, which is a plus that earns it the radio-fitting status. Rugged Man has us experiencing his singing in a style previously unexplored, and he does quite fairly, managing to maintain the tempo. It’s not the usual Rugged Man stuff, but we love this for its creative, distinct feel. The man is obviously an old leg in the game and he has persisted, but with the youngsters running things amok, grabbing the most cheques and limelight there are, it is only natural for a player in Rugged’s mould to play the ‘adaptive innovation’ card. And that’s exactly what we see on this record. Okay stuff.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?







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