Music Review: Rayce Feat. General Pype/ Higher

The jam opens with some stellar beats and sizzling undertones. Super competence.



Pype is 5star on this, a General in every sense of the word; he marshals the troops to a fruitful performance. Pype is so good on this it’s almost a task telling whose jam it originally is. Rayce is fair but his flows veer too much to the lazy, freestyle part of the equation. Still, it isn’t any bad to listen to, what both men concoct here.




The beats are heavy and dynamic, the keyboard spills with a driving jolt, cascading into that compelling, rhythmic stuff we feel through this one. Rayce is a huge talent, though he doesn’t do much on this. At some point, it starts to feel like the joint was arranged and written for him by Mr. Pype, seeing as this hovers too much around the Reggae turf, an area that has Pype exhibiting the most expertise conceivable. Solid effort, with a bit more creative input lyrically this would have been outright galactic.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?







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