Music Review: Patoranking/ Daniella Whine

“Daniella Whine” is wonderful Reggae Music. At first listen, it comes across as that odd song with no real chances of doing much, the effects of which impress an indifference of sorts on you. But things liven in the subsequent rounds of play.




Patoranking struggles in the opening seconds of things to get his tune and rhythm in sync, but soon as he gets his mojo on the chorus is something of a jewel. The lyrics aren’t exactly great but we let that slide. Pato is good, but has tried too hard to sound Jamaican, which is what confuses us somewhat on this. Hopefully he puts in that much work into sounding more original and ridding his works of pitch problems and the many herb allusions that we hear from him today. And it’d be some real awesomeness from the young man. Okay effort.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?








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