Wow! Wow! Wow! Goodness me! At last, here comes the Praiz jam we have so earnestly hoped for. Lorda mercy.



The X3M heavyweight is one of Nigeria’s finest vocalists, and this isn’t even disputable anywhere on earth’s surface. But that one major song that introduces him to the other side of the market is what has so eluded the ‘Mercy’ singer since forever. And it’s hurt to see him scrambling for some juice off that beehive market, a market boasting the biggest music sales in modern day Africa and perhaps all of Africa’s history. The struggle for some of the market’s cream engineered the previous Awilo-assisted “Oshe”, a song largely dispiriting and wish-washy to say the least. Damn. It broke our hearts to see our big man struggle and yet he hadn’t that one radio-ready, market-driving hit song. Damn.






With “Mercy”, Praiz’s chances of that hit song were beginning to liven. But he hadn’t quite connected 100%, still, it was a vast improvement to the insipid “Oshe”. With this new cut however, we have that song we’ve forever yearned. “Sisi” is complete, a bit too complete to be true even. Gospel is a beast for this one. Gosh!



This is a HIT! A major, timely, commercially-workable song; with all the potentials that I believe the X3M PR won’t dare trifle with.



This is perhaps Praiz’s chef-d’oeuvre, colored on that Reggae-influenced canvass, it is a smash of a song. It has us witnessing the man in his pomp on this Wiz Kid-assisted collaboration as they pass the baton effortlessly. Praiz glides and emits with all the fire, splendor and pizzazz of a Mo’Hit era Wande Coal. The crescendo is present on this too, with Wiz bringing his A game to the party. Madness! The 00:45, 01:53 and 02:45 marks where Praiz sings the chorus are the high points of Sisi. Magical goodness, ecstatic and inducing; we should call this, for lack of better words. Jam!



We already rated – This is a HIT!











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