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Taliban Storm School In Pakistan, Kill 130

In a horrific tragedy of unfathomable proportions, a school in North Western Pakistan has been attacked by the Taliban, reportedly leading to casualties numbering up to 130-most of whom are school children.

Six suicide bombers reportedly gained entrance into Army Public School in Peshawar at around midnight. The terrorists went through the building room by room even though they were repelled by Pakistani troops.

In a tweet, military spokesman Gen. Asim Bajwa called the attack a “ghastly act of cowardice in killing innocents” that, in his view, proves that the Taliban are “not only enemies of (Pakistan) but enemies of humanity.”
“They have hit at the heart of the nation,” Bajwa said. “But … they can’t in any way diminish the will of this great nation.”

The Taliban claim this is a revenge attack with reports saying that earlier this month the Pakistan launched a major offensive against them.







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