Music Review: Di’ja/ Awww




OMG! Di’ja! This is bad, real bad, Michael Jackson as in so bad it actually sweeps us. Wowza!



Cheery tune, slightly slow rhythm, centers on some affectionate whatchamacallit; the Mavin singer takes charge on this personal effort, no Label supports whatsoever, not even the regular Don Jazzy bitter-sweet huskiness underneath the most catalogues off there. Impressive.



Particularly, the beats on this one kill me slow, can’t even front. Jim – my buddy – first hit me up with talks of it Awww’s release via BBM, so I had him share with me. And it’s been a jolly one since first listen. Absolutely! Not exactly the stupendous Pop song a la Niyola’s “Toh Bad” or Tiwa’s “Eminado”, still this one cuts it to a great degree. Di’ja is sweet and sincere to her heartthrob on here, singing in English, occasionally touching up things with some pidgin, yet conveying same message through to the end.

She goes –

“Boy, you’re all that I want, cuz you got what I need,

Tell me boy, dyou see the happiness in me?

I love my life anytime I’m with you, anytime you’re with me,

As long as you love me, boy I’m telling you there’s nothing I won’t do to make you smile…”



Heart-warming stuff, just how we like. Awww closes a little after 3:25, under the aegis of some virtuoso Jazzy instrumentation that plays into the 3:36 mark. Appealing.



Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?







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