Music Review: L.O.S/ “Boots + Faces”




This is a somewhat tepid LOS effort; I mean putting “Boots + Faces” side by side the group’s older (as well as individual) works.


The opening rap verse is superb, but after that nothing else really triggers the listener’s senses. Well, maybe the second rapper’s cut which is something about average or slightly even below. The chorus is out of sync in major aspects. The entire song is pretty heavy in terms of sounds but ‘undanceable’ for what the group aims to achieve with this. Average stuff.


Also, the song doesn’t do much in aspects of production, just some average beats drumming together like a rehash of something we are used to hearing. In more capable hands, “Boots + Faces” would leave a stronger impression on us, considering it has quite an appealing direction. But the boys are too incapable, maybe, to steer the vessel in its proper course so that the song skids off the HIT path it should be cruising on even before the 90th second off its over 240 seconds duration.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?




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