Music Review: Ikechukwu Feat. Olamide/ “Ololo”




Ikechukwu emerges from his hibernation with “Ololo”, a fair shot at reentering the mix. Impressive.


The opening parts of the chorus are a bit weak, but soon as Olamide finds his feet it’s all peaches and cream. Ikechukwu isn’t the greatest rapper out there so we don’t expect too much from him. And that’s what makes this all easy to assess. Ololo is another cool sound from the ‘Power Rapper’, only on this he isn’t flexing so much physical nor lyrical muscles.


Production-wise there isn’t much to say about the song. Average shot. In all, Ololo is fair and radio-worthy, yet showing us another side of Olamide, a part that has him taking the back seat and singing the chorus to a fellow artist’s rap verses.


Listen and rate, a Hit or a Miss?






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